Thank you for being a part of the community that supports Shire Kids!

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Shire Kids Leader $5,000+

Stratton Foundation

Charles R. Wood Foundation

Gold Supporter $1,000+

Southwestern Vermont Health Care

Silver Supporter $500+

Stewart's Shops

Ben and Jerry's Foundation

Vermont Country Store

Bronze Supporter $250+

Lawrence Property Management

Heather and Patrick McGuire 

Susan Boynton

Edward Cameron and Carina Bachofen

Imagination Club $100+

Blake and Jacquelyn Browne

Jill Russell

JB Britten

Bryce and Jill Miller

George Martin

Katri Hunter

Don Buckingham

Chris and Betsy Nardone

Jonathan and Thomas West

Book Club - up to $99

Jessica Roy

Bennington Elks

Rex Butt

Kevin Smith

David and Alexandra Sweeney

Sarah Hadden

Courtney and Matthew Weir

Rebecca Coffee

Anne Quinn

Tom Foley

Cristina Spano

Dan Rusu

Annette Schaich

Fred Castiglia

Eric Barreveld

Mari Villalobos

Matt Hall

Jeremy Haft

John Rawley

Howard Rosenzweig

Nicolas Beardsworth

Tiffany Tan

Alexandra Langstaff

Lauren and Grant Winston

Alison Stannard

Gwen Maiella

Paula and John Nassivera

Nathan Plummer

Elayne Norweb

Jesse and Laura Pyles

Mike Jenkins

Kevin Barnett

Ali Curran

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